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Like many rural areas the world over agriculture was the lifeblood of the people living in and around Blair Atholl before more modern times. The museum contains many displays relating to aspects of rural farming life including farm implements, the vet - who was crucial to the health of livestock - sheep culture, ploughing, animal accommodation (including a byre with a life-size highland cow!) and the importance of horses both as a means of transport and the early forerunner to today’s machines.

Trinafour Post Office

Trinafour Post Office is an annexe at the back of the museum. It is the actual former post office from Trinafour, a village some eight miles to the west of Blair Atholl. It was “transplanted” in 2003. The post office is exactly as it would have been as far back as the early twentieth century and it contains a huge number of original artefacts that would have been found when it formed a vital part of the local community. Included is the original telephone booth and telephone, adverts, mail bags, letter pigeon holes, the many accoutrements of the local postmaster and the impressive big old counter.

The Railway

The railway forms a hugely important part of Blair Atholl’s history and evolution since the station and highland line arrived in the mid 1860s. The authority of the Duke of Atholl was paramount in ensuring the highland line was able to follow its course north from Perth to Inverness and the station originally served the castle in important ways. Rail was a lifeline for freight deliveries and transporting visitors and holidaymakers to the village. There is a constant display of railway pictures and memorabilia in the museum

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